Friday, February 26, 2010

Catching up and meet Sampson!

It has been such a long time since I last wrote on our blog! Just to give you all a little update on Rich and I since Christmas, we are now living in Lexington, Kentucky. Rich was offered a job to be the Director/Coordinator of the Kentucky Baketball Arena here with some of our good friends. He also does ticket sales on the side to events around the world with them and actually just spent two weeks in Vancouver for the Olympics! He is really enjoying being around so much basketball for his job too! Since we have been in Kentucky I have been job searching which has not been fun! Still working on that and trying to enjoy not being so busy although I am getting a little anxious! When Rich found out he was going to Vancouver I decided two weeks in Kentucky by myself in the cold weather would be torture so I packed my bags and drove to Myrtle Beach to stay with my parents. We had such a great time and Mom and I did lots of shopping which is always the best! While I was there my Mom and I flew to Los Angeles to visit my sister and her boyfriend Kyle too! It was so great to see them and spend time with them. We had a blast. Spent the weekend eating the most amazing food, shopping, riding bikes to the beach, and best of all.... we went to a park where they were having a pet adoption from the shelter my sister works at and I got a dog! (I called Rich first of course to make sure it was ok... I had been begging him and working on getting a dog for the past year! :) ) Anyway, our little Sampson is a Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix. Since he is from a shelter they aren't sure of his exact age but they are guessing he is about a year and a half old. Poor guy looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks and was shaking in the cold. I knew I had to have him when I saw him and he has already been the perfect dog! He was so scared when I got him so he got really attached to me right away. He follows me everywhere and cuddles me to death! Not sure how he feels about men yet... he is so sweet and doesn't bite but he hides when a man is around. I hope that doesn't mean he was abused by one or something?! He is slowly warming up to Richie though and we are completely crazy about him! The pics below are of him in our apartment laying on our bed and happy to be loved and in a warm home!