Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oh My Goodness

Just needing to vent for a second! I have hit the 27 week mark in my pregnancy and I think my belly doubled in size the last three weeks!! Yes, it is all exciting and all but VERY discouraging when I feel like I am growing at a rapid pace and still have 13 weeks to go! Not to mention, my Dr. feels I am getting too big too fast and told me to stop eating so much :( This really is very embarassing to me and I'm not quite sure why I decided to share it with my friends in the blogging world but I need some input! Did any of you moms out there go through this too?? And when I say go through this I mean gain weight like CRAZY when you don't even feel like you are eating a lot more than normal AND you exercise regularly?! Ha just wondering cause at this rate I will need to be on the Biggest Loser after this babe of mine decides to enter the world and give me my body back!!!!!! I would and will do this over and over again until our family is complete and I know how lucky I am to experience any of this I just needed to write how I felt because I am breaking my bank on maternity clothes! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's a WHAT?!

So Rich and my mom and I went to the Dr.'s office today for the ultrasound I have been waiting for forever! We were so excited to see our baby GIRL.... As we sat there the tech started going through all of the mandatory things...checking them off one by one and giving me so much relief to know our baby is healthy and I can stop worrying about so many things being wrong. As she is going through everything she stops and goes "Oh, and it looks like you're having a boy!" And all three of us say "A WHAT?!!" YES, that's right. We have been wrong all along! We are actually having a little baby BOY! haha. We were laughing our heads off the entire rest of the visit and still can't believe it! All I have looked at are pink frilly girlie things and now we have to completely switch over to all boy stuff AND pick a name! We really couldn't be more excited though. I always said I wanted a boy first since I loved having an older brother so it all worked out I guess! I thought Rich was going to do cartwheels out of the office. I have never seen the man so thrilled in my life! I think he is already envisioning all of the sports they will be playing together and coaching all of his teams! I really shouldn't be so surprised since there are so many boys in the Nash family :). Anyway, baby is healthy which is #1 and I really can't wait to have a little Momma's boy! I can hardly wait to have him in my arms! I have never been so happy and love having this time to bond with him while he is stuck in my tummy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Getting Bigger... and bigger...and bigger...

Well, I am 24 weeks now and I feel like this pregnancy is crawling by. I wish it would go a little faster! I am so ready for our baby to get here already! Rich and I finally bought the crib a few days ago which I am pretty excited about. I haven't bought anything yet so it was fun getting to splurge a little. Next on my list is to find some bedding for it so if anyone has suggestions on where to look I'll take it! I haven't found anything I love yet. Baby is doing great. She is starting to kick me all the time now which has me smiling all day long. I love feeling her move around. Such a crazy feeling! Anyway, our ultrasound apt is Monday so I will post those pics right after!