Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Night Out!

Since we started working at Obelis, Rich and I have been grilled for not going out enough with all the interns. Yes, I will admit since marriage we have mellowed down a lot... maybe a little too much cause these days our favorite thing in the world on a Friday night is having a good dinner at home and watching a great flick and we are completely satisfied. What has happened to us?! We are already an "old" couple! So we decided this weekend we would show all our fellow Obelis friends we still know how to have fun! (Really the main reason why we have avoided going out with them as much is because they are some hard core partying Europeans and being Mormon, we weren't sure how exciting we would be drinking our water and all) BUT the night ended up being one of the best nights we have had here in Belgium! We met at our friend Anya's place and visited for hours before we actually hit the town. We had the best time getting to know everyone better and other local Belgians that joined us that evening. I seriously think Rich and I laughed nonstop! Then we went to this Celtic club that is exactly what you would expect for a club in Europe. Tons of strobe lights, too many people, crazy techno music, and of course a fog machine. We danced our little hearts out that night until about 3:30 in the morning and finally called it a night. We even had to ride a taxi home because all the public transportation doesn't run that late! We probably won't be making a habit of this every weekend, but I am so glad we went and for the friends we are making. The people here are the best!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Living the Belgian Life

So I thought I would post some pictures of random things we have been doing since we have been living in Belgium. Nothing too exciting- Just thought some of you might enjoy!

We LOVE Plaka- Best gyros in town!

Beautiful Waterloo (Again-sorry I like this one!)

Always falling asleep when we travel!

We get lost a lot so sometimes we have to go to ghetto internet cafes and look up directions!
Momma Romas... YUMMY pizza!
Feels like we are always standing in the cold waiting for a tram or bus

With friends walking around the Grand Place

A hotel in the Grand Place (Main Square)

Belgium's Beach!

Mini Europe- This is a model of the main square in Brussels- notice the umbrella... it has become my new best friend since we have been here!

Our favorite waffle place at the Stokkel Market

More waffles!
Mannekin Pis... a statue of a little boy peeing and the Belgians love it!
The Royal Palace
Us with the Atomium- we can see this beauty from our balcony

We are loving life!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yesterday Rich and I went with Meghan and Brandon to Waterloo. For all you history buffs, Waterloo is the place where Napolean met his final defeat in June 1815. The monument is a 28 metric ton Lion on the top of a hill which symbolizes new-found peace in Europe. It was a very quick trip down but it was well worth it. To get to the top of the hill you have to walk up 226 steps which completely worked Rich and I since we have not been exercising over here as much as we would like! We both can feel the burn in our legs today which is sad! Anyway, it was a peaceful day and the view from the top of the monument was beautiful. It was nice to get away from all the noise in the city for a bit and learn something new! Europe has taught me a ton since we left the states!

The Hague Netherlands Temple

I got way behind blogging and I like to keep my posts seperate so if you noticed I am making three new posts on the same day you are right! A few weekends ago Rich and I went on a ward temple trip to the Hagueu Netherlands Temple. It was a two hour bus ride there and back on a cold rainy day. The ride was beautiful though. All the leaves are changing and the homes we passed were probably the cutest things I have ever seen. People around here keep their yards in tip top shape so everything always looks so clean and nice! It was an amazing day and the temple was gorgeous!

Twenty Three!

This month I turned twenty three! Wow I am getting up there! ha. I asked Rich before I started writing this blog how old I was because I honestly got confused for a second and he rolled his eyes at me for not knowing my age now when I am only 23! Anyway, my birthday was a great one this year. I had to work all day Friday (my actual bday) so we celebrated it Sat too, but I will start with Friday. At work, we brought in a cake and celebrated with all our fellow interns/employees as good ole Obelis. It was great and everyone was so sweet wishing me happy bday all day long! That night I requested a pizza place called Momma Romas for dinner. Our friends Meghan and Brandon came with us and we spent two hours after work jumping trams trying to find the dumb place! We finally did though and it was completely worth it! On saturday I went shopping and came home to a wonderful dinner my husband made and some gifts that were much needed! He gave me some beautiful flowers, slippers, socks, money (to shop with), and some Belgian chocolates of course! It was such a great birthday! Thanks to my inlaws and family for helping me get to go shopping! ha. I loved being able to look guilt free! I have to say my hubby is the best on Bdays. He always goes above and beyond to make it special! I am a lucky girl!