Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Girl :)

I have been such a slacker with keeping our blog updated and now I finally have something to blog about! Rich and I are having a baby GIRL!!! We found out this week and are so excited! The due date is July 23rd. Right smack in the middle of summer. We are living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina now so I have a feeling I will be bobbing in the pool or the ocean the whole last month I am prego because the summers here can be brutal! We are naming our sweet little babe Greyson Aubrey Nash. This is a name I have always loved so when we heard we were having a girl it wasn't hard at all to pick a name! She was moving all over the place when we had the ultrasound. She was kicking and grabbing her toes and putting her little butt in the air. Oh, I was in love just watching her. I really can't wait to finally have her in my arms. I am only 17 weeks along so I have a nice long wait ahead of me! I think I was the ONLY one in both Rich's and my family to vote for girl when we were asking everyone what they thought. Pretty much everyone was convinced it was a boy! Being pregnant has been quite the adventure already. The first trimester I was sick as a dog. I literally had to snack on crackers constantly or I would be sick. The second trimester has been so much more enjoyable. I feel like my belly is getting huge already which really makes me panic to even think about what it will be by July! I still haven't felt Greyson move yet but I am excited to actually feel her moving around in there and know she is ok! I worry a lot :). Anyway, that is the latest of us and our new addition we have cooking! I will try to be better now with my posts and as soon as I have pics of Grey I will post again. We are so excited we are having a baby! All this baby talk and pregnancy talk has completely consumed me since the day I saw the pregnancy test read positive! I am really having so much fun with all of it!! Here are some pics of my belly Rich took today... Oh, and a pic of our other baby sunbathing :)
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