Monday, July 27, 2009

Something I came across...

My Dad asked me to go through the millions of boxes of things they have been lugging around since I graduated high school so I started sorting through them tonight. I found so many things that took me through memory lane. All my favorite pictures, letters, and cards from loved ones. It was so fun reading what people wrote to me and thinking about memories I have forgotten about. One thing I came across especially caught my eye. I found a poem my sister wrote for me one Christmas about nine years ago. I remember she was getting ready to leave for college at BYU and I was so sad she was leaving me behind. I remember opening it that morning and how special it made me feel. I have always admired my sister for so many reasons. She has such a fun personality and it is never the same at home without her here. One part of her poem says :

Sometimes I want to cover your eyes,
hide your from heartbreak, suffering and lies.
Not long from now, I'll go far away,
your hand I can't hold and show you the way.

I guess reading this poem just made me realize even more how much my sister has meant to me throughout my life. She has always been a best friend and someone I can turn to for comfort or advice. My whole life she always looked after me and she still does. I am lucky to have such an amazing sister. Someone I'll be friends with forever.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my mother's birthday so I thought I would share some pics and write a little about the day and about my wonderful mom. We woke up this morning and went to church and mom gave a really great lesson! When we got home Rich and went to work and made mom a birthday dinner. We told mom she wasn't allowed to help but she kept insisting so it ended up being the three of us in the kitchen! Rich made his famous rolls which were incredible too! After dinner and cake (of course!) the guys had to go to a church meeting so mom and I took a nice long nap and then walked on the beach. It was a really nice and relaxing day. And her big surprise was that Matt, Jess, Dad, and Rich and I went in on a gift for Mom which is tickets for her to go see the American Idol concert next week which she is THRILLED about! Anyway, I just wanted to tell my mom how much I appreciate her. She is an amazing woman. I admire so much about her and am blessed to have her in my life! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Monday, July 13, 2009

FINALLY! (I know I am so bad at this!)

Just wanted to give everyone a little update since my last post was in 2008 :). Rich and I finally graduated this past May. What a relief! Since then we have been on the move! Two weeks after we graduated we went on an amazing cruise to the Caribbean. I was in heaven all week. It was the first cruise I have ever been on. We stopped in the Cayman Islands, Belize, Honduras, and the Florida Keys. We met so many great people and did things I will never forget! Once we returned back to Utah we did laundry and packed up my car and drove to South Carolina to spend the summer with my parents! (Notice the pic. on the left-my dad mows the lawn in this hat to "protect his face and neck from the sun" and Rich and I can't get enough of it! Just love my Dad). Anyway, Rich was so sweet and knew I really wanted to come home for a bit so he helped make that possible and we have had a blast! We have been working at our friends resort here in Surfside Beach and on our days off we are either at the beach or doing some other tourist-y thing. I have been trying to show Rich everything! Our addictions this summer have been watching Friday Night Lights (the series), watching the Bachelorette, taking night walks on the beach with Marley, coming home to Mama's cooking :), cuddling Buster (yes he is STILL alive and kicking!!), and sitting out on the patio during huge thunderstorms. My parents have spoiled us! We are excited to share it all with Rich's parents and little brother who will be coming to visit this week! Anyway, coming to Myrtle Beach was kind of last minute and very unexpected for me so I have loved every minute of it. Next on our crazy agenda is we are moving to Brussels, Belgium! Rich was able to get an internship over there for a marketing company and is very excited. I am so proud of him. He is always chasing his dreams and making it happen and I get to come along for the ride! I have never seen the kid so excited about something! He doesn't start until the beginning of Sept. but we are going out on Aug. 12th to do some backpacking around Europe with his brother Steve for a few weeks. I am so unbelievably thrilled about this! I didn't travel much growing up and then I marry Rich and I am seeing the world! I am a lucky girl and feel so lucky to be able to do so many incredible thing with such a fun guy :). Anyway, I have made a promise to myself that I will blog about everything we do in Europe so everyone hold me to it!