Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Landon's Newborn Pics

So I took Landon to get his newborn pictures taken last week and it was much more eventful than I had expected it to be! Lindsey Mills took his photos and before coming she told me to make sure I keep him awake before the shoot so he will sleep and to feed him right before so he has a full tummy. Sounds easy enough right? Well that entire morning before his apt. he was screaming because he wanted to sleep and Mommy kept poking him and not letting him so he was really not happy. When we got to the studio Lindsey undressed him and was rocking him to try and get him to fall asleep. As we are all sitting there he gives a little grunt and shoots wet poop ALL over the photographer and her beautiful couch they were sitting on! Oh my goodness I almost died! haha. I think I apologized a million times. It then took us 3 HOURS to get the little man to fall asleep. He was wide eyed and looking at everything when we got there so getting him to sleep was quite the task. Seriously, it was so much work! When he finally fell asleep she started taking his pics and he then decided to pee all over many of her props! It was hard work but I absolutely love his pictures so it makes it all worth it!! These are just a few Lindsey sent me. I am waiting to see the rest when she is done editing. I seriously melt when I look at these. Love him so much!


Ashley Nash said...

These are SO precious! I cannot believe you had such issues with his photo shoot! What a little stinker! :) (literally) hehe But well worth it the pics are darling!

Steph said...

Oh he is so adorable and we are so excited for you guys! Absolutely love his newborn pictures- so perfect!

Deena K said...

oh my gosh he is adorable! I hope you are enjoying being a mommy!!!